Market-oriented, technology-supported, talent-based


Tangshan Qijun adheres to the business philosophy of "market-oriented, technology-supported, talent-based", relies on strong technical research and development strength, and gradually improves product quality and technical content through continuous innovation and upgrading, so as to provide the market with competitive complete sets of equipment and technology. The company mainly has design department, R & D department, marketing department, contract execution department, manufacturing department, electrical engineering department, machine vision engineering technology center, engineering service department. The company has 96 employees, including 44 professional and technical personnel, 12 senior personnel, and 39 people with bachelor degree or above. The company's design department has more than 18 professional and technical personnel, who have undertaken national key projects for many times, such as: Junger open-pit coal mine coal transmission system; Shanghai Baosteel sintering and coking conveying system (including phase I, phase II and phase III); Qinhuangdao Port, Qingdao Qianbend Port, Huanghua Port and other port transmission systems, as well as Beijing Power Plant, Beilun Power Plant, Handan Power Plant, Tangshan Power Plant, Shalingzi Power Plant, Sanhe Power Plant, Ningde Power Plant and other power plants coal transmission systems. The company's R & D department has 6 professional and technical personnel, all of whom have outstanding performance in the industry, including 1 professor, 3 senior engineers and 2 engineers, mainly responsible for new product development and the optimization and upgrading of traditional products. Through continuous research and improvement of products, we can make them more rational, better meet the requirements of customers, and continuously extend and develop products to a broader field. The company has 6 patents, including 1 invention patent and 5 utility model patents.

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