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Automatic Double-circle Bar Binding Machine


Automatic Double-circle Bar Binding Machine


Automatic Double-circle Bar Binding Machine


Product description

Functional Overview:

As the indispensable equipment in the finishing and packing links of bar production line, Automatic Double-circle Bar Binding Machine is a high-tech product which integrates machine, electricity and liquidation in the production of modern iron and steel. It can be mainly used for automatic strapping package including screw-thread steel, round bar steel, section bar, bar and nonferrous metal, etc.

Automatic Double-circle Bar Binding Machine KZJ265 developed by our company takes fully use of the secondary development and design on the basis of imported products to achieve, in any case, the satisfactory binding effect. .


Structure characteristics:

1) It has the function of interlocking communication with steel rolling production lines and is equipped with both manual and automatic operation modes; 

2) Automatically adjust the location of kink point according to the size of binding object; 

3) Reasonable design of action sequence and quick binding; 

4) Adopt open structural form for main mechanical parts which is easy to maintain; 

5) Adopt ordinary hot-rolled wire rods without any treatment; 

6) Make optimization design and reinforce processing technology for key parts so as to make the device perform reliably, to maintain a long service life and lower the cost; 

7) The complete machine is equipped with running gears and track, which is flexible into and out of the production line and is convenient for the off-line debugging and maintenance.





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