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Large angle belt conveyor with corrugated ribs


Discharge belt conveyor for Crushing station


Large angle belt conveyor with corrugated ribs


Product description

Functional overview:

The large-angle wave-shaped ribbed belt conveyor adopts a conveyor belt with wavy ribs and transverse partitions, which is particularly suitable for the continuous transportation of bulk materials at large angles. , Shipping and other industries.


Structure characteristics:

(1) It can be transported at a large inclination, which saves a lot of equipment area and reaches a transport angle that cannot be achieved by ordinary and patterned belt conveyors.

(2) The overall investment cost is low, which can save investment by 20% to 30% compared with ordinary belt conveyors.

(3) Compared with ordinary belt conveyor, bucket elevator and scraper conveyor, its comprehensive technical performance is superior.

(4) The lifting height is large, and the vertical lifting height of a single machine can reach 500m.

(5) Large inclination wavy rib belt conveyor has many advantages such as advanced technology, simple structure, smooth operation, safe and reliable use, few equipment parts, small maintenance, low noise, flexible layout and so on. It is suitable for working environment with working temperature of -15-40 ℃, conveying various bulk materials with bulk density of 0.15-3.9 t / m3.

(6) The machine can be arbitrarily arranged in the range of inclination angle 0 ° -90 °. When the material is conveyed vertically, it can also be rotated 180 ° to the left and right to realize the receiving and discharging within 360 °.

(7) Because the machine can transport materials at a large inclination, when the same conveying height is reached, the length of the whole machine is greatly shortened, and the length of the corridors arranged with the machine is also reduced accordingly, which reduces the equipment investment and engineering cost, and reduces the footprint area.

(8) The machine has a large inclination and a short length. Compared with ordinary belt conveyors, it can greatly reduce the number of rollers, conveyor belt length and material weight, which greatly reduces the resistance of rollers and the power consumed by conveyor belts and materials. Therefore, the machine can reduce energy consumption.

(9) When the machine is vertically arranged, it is generally a fully enclosed setting, with good sealing, less dust, and significant environmental protection effects.

(10) The horizontal rigidity of the conveyor belt of the machine is strong, the vertical rollers on both sides of the base belt are anti-deviation, and the materials to be transported are basically in the center of the conveyor belt. Therefore, the conveyor belt does not run off course.

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