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Electrical control system for Crushing station, consolidation station and port


Automation Control System


Electrical control system for Crushing station, consolidation station and port


Product description

Functional Overview:

This system uses PLC as the main controller and touch screen as the computer-based human-machine interface monitoring. The system's software / hardware structure adopts a modular design method, which makes the electrical system have strong anti-interference ability, portability and versatility. The system adopts a fully distributed control structure and is composed of on-site operation boxes of each equipment and a centralized control station of a host computer.


System functions:

(1) According to the process requirements, complete the manual / automatic start and stop operation status of each equipment, and modify the local control process according to the needs of the site.  

(2) Carry out operation parameter detection. Monitor the running status of each equipment and collect production condition parameters in real time.

(3) Real-time process control. Analyze the running status of the collection equipment, complete the process control automatically according to the process requirements, or manually controlled by the operator.  

(4) Equipment failure and analog overrun alarm. When the equipment fails or the analog quantity exceeds the limit, the production detection and management network will simultaneously display the name of the failed equipment and implement audible / visual / voice alarm.





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