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Scraper feeder above Silo


Scraper feeder


Scraper feeder above Silo


Product description

Functional overview:

The heavy Scraper feeder above Silo is widely used in large coal washing plants, thermal power plants, ports, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries,its structure is simple,its installation and maintenance are convenient, it can be divided into single and double-layer transportation during horizontal transportation, and it is used with flat gate to realize multi-point feeding and multi-point discharging.The heavy Scraper feeder plays an important role in the use of raw coal and product coal distribution warehouses.The scraper feeder is embedded with wear-resistant steel plates or cast stones for conveying coal and various bulk materials.


Structure characteristics:

The heavy Scraper feeder above Silo has the characteristics of strong power, sturdiness, and large transportation volume. The standard box is easy to install and has good interchangeability.

1.Transmission unit: It can use frequency conversion speed regulation motor or motor + hydraulic coupling to achieve smooth starting performance, high torque and low speed reducer greatly increase the service life.

2.Box: It adopts totally enclosed box to convey, according to the different processing capacity, the design width is 800mm-2000mm, according to the distribution of the receiving point and the discharging point, it can be designed for single-layer conveying and double-layer conveying.

3.Scraper chain: It adopts high-precision mining high-strength circular chain, designed and manufactured according to the national standard GB/T12718-1991 "Mine high-strength circular chain", with excellent material selection, strict technology and good interchangeability.

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