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Rotary plate feeder


Slat Feeder


Rotary plate feeder


Product description

Functional overview:

This equipment is used to transport the scrap steel processed by the pre-crusher. The equipment is divided into three parts: horizontal material receiving, tilting lifting and slewing mechanism.The equipment can transport the scrap steel processed by the crusher to the designated location according to the requirements. The overall equipment is light, fast and controllable.


Structure features:

1.The transmission system adopts two forms of reduction motor or hydraulic motor. Both adopt quick lock disk overall suspension and single-point floating support structure, which reduces the installation error and improves the service life of the transmission system.

2.The conveying system adopts precision sleeve roller chain combined with rigid conveying groove, which has large conveying area, strong impact resistance and low resistance coefficient.

3.The frame has the characteristics of light weight, good rigidity, small footprint, easy adjustment, assembly and disassembly and transportation.

4.The slewing mechanism is driven independently by the reduction motor, which drives the feeder to perform the slewing operation on the preset track. With the corresponding control system and limit protection system, the transportation can be completed accurately and safely.





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