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Scraper feeder for Stockyard


Scraper feeder


Scraper feeder for Stockyard


Product description

Functional overview: 

The Scraper feeder for stockyard has a simple structure,and it is suitable for small-sized materials such as clean coal, building stone, and middle sand after classification. The scraper feeder for stockyard is divided into a horizontal receiving section and an inclined feeding section. It is flush with the ground of the material yard and it is not restricted by the silo and the site. It is convenient for construction and construction, and construction machinery such as trucks and forklifts can operate.The design processing capacity is 500-1000T / h. According to the requirements of process layout, it can be fixed installation or mobile used.


Structure characteristics:

1.Scraper chain:The machine adopts large pitch sleeve roller conveyor chain, excellent material, strict process and good replacement.

2.Driver sprocket device,Tensioning sprocket device:Driver shaft and tension shaft are processed through forging, machining, quenching and tempering treatment, finishing and inspection. The driver sprocket and tension pulley have good strength and wear resistance after tooth face quenching process; Lubricating system use the oil cup long-term filled oil and centralized lubricating two forms. Both improve the lubrication conditions, and also to enhances the dustproof performance.

3.Frame:Frame is an institution that supporting the weight of the various components and making the components as a whole to complete the booking sports. Using overall welding structure, with the conveying slot’s upper surface fixed by bolts and the replaceable wear-resisting lining board, the frame is compact, rigid, and convenient installation.





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