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Shield tunneling machine discharging belt


Discharge belt conveyor for Crushing station


Shield tunneling machine discharging belt


Product description

Functional overview:

The shield tunneling machine discharging belt conveyer is main conveying equipment in the shield tunneling machine system. Slags (blocky and granular materials such as grit, gravel, silty sand, etc.), clay, and water-containing mixture, discharged by the shield tunneling machine in the tunnelling process, are conveyed by the spiral conveyer to the material mover.

Our shield tunneling machine discharging belt conveyer,can be applied to various tunneling operations. Our discharging belt conveyers have been applied to the construction projects of shield tunneling machines for China Railway No.3 Engineering Group Co., Ltd., China Railway No.14 Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Municipal Construction, Beijing SANY, etc., and are characterized by light structure, free turning, reliable performance, easy maintenance, etc. So far, the company has completed many construction projects of subways and underground pipelines, winning good reputation.

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