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Feed crushing plant


Product description

Feature overview:

The belt conveyor belt tear monitor adopts machine vision technology to implement non-contact, real-time uninterrupted monitoring methods to complete the timely alarm of longitudinal tearing of the tape and provide the corresponding protection signal monitoring device.

Principle and characteristics: 

The basic principle of this product is the use of machine vision technology, that is, the use of machines instead of "human eyes", real-time monitoring of the running tape, when the longitudinal tear is found, it can identify and issue alarm signals and protection actions in time, which is convenient for the site to take protective measures in the first time.

The technical characteristics of this product are high degree of intelligence, real-time uninterrupted monitoring of tape; High monitoring sensitivity and reliability, immediate identification in the event of any longitudinal tear, while quickly providing identification signals, automatically completing protection operations, effectively improving the protection ability of the tape; Easy installation and maintenance, no need to modify the existing production line, one-line integrated into the control system.

Main components: 

This product is mainly composed of two parts: information collection unit and data processing unit.

The information acquisition unit collects the running tape image in real time under the control of the data processing unit and transmits the image to the processing unit for analysis.

The data processing unit analyzes the acquired real-time images and sends a tear signal if the tape is found to be torn, which can be transmitted to the control room for automatic shutdown.





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