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Scraper Chain


Scraper feeder


Scraper Chain


Product description

Functional overview:

The large pitch sleeve roller conveyor chain produced by our company is specially designed and manufactured for large-capacity mine scraper, which complies with the national standard GB8350-87 "Conveyor Chain, Accessories and Sprocket". The material of the scraper chain is very excellent, the manufacturing process is strict, and the scraper chain has good interchangeability. Design breaking load 195 KN-2802 KN.


Structure characteristics:

1.The pin shaft is made of high-quality materials and undergoes heat treatment such as tempering and quenching, which greatly improves its mechanical properties and meets the torque requirements of the scraper machine.

2.The chain plate is made of high-quality materials, precision processed, and has a strong breaking load and interchangeability after the heat treatment process.

3.The scraper is made of high-quality materials and has good tensile and impact resistance after heat treatment.





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