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Scraper feeder under Silo


Scraper feeder


Scraper feeder under Silo


Product description

Functional overview:

The Scraper feeder under Silo has a simple structure,and it is suitable for the transit and reverse of materials in the transfer and reverse transportation,such as coal,stone and iron powder in ports and transportation stations.The Scraper feeder under Silo is divided into a horizontal receiving section and an inclined feeding section.The horizontal receiving section is connected to the buffer yard, which can accommodate multiple trucks or train dumpers at the same time to unload, and evenly feed the downstream belt conveyor, transforming semi-continuous feeding operations of trucks and trains into continuous feeding.The design processing capacity is 1000-3000T / h.


Structure characteristics:

The Scraper feeder under Silo has the characteristics of strong impact resistance, stable feeding, small maintenance, simple structure, and has the characteristics of simple civil construction foundation and convenient construction.

1. Transmission system: The use of frequency conversion speed regulation motor not only improves the starting performance of the feeder, but also adjusts the feeding amount of the scraper according to the production requirements, and runs smoothly.

2. Frame:Frame is welded by two H-shaped steels placed opposite to each other. The two H-shaped steels placed opposite each other naturally form a conveying trough. The middle part of the conveying trough is provided with a lining plate, which has strong impact resistance and less material leakage.

3.Scraper chain:The machine adopts large pitch sleeve roller conveyor chain and high-strength rongd link chain, excellent material, strict process and good replacement.





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