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Heavy-duty slat feeder


Slat Feeder


Heavy-duty slat feeder


Product description

Functional overview:

Applied to continuous and uniform feeding from crushing station system’s hopper to primary crusher, and the huge proportion material’s feeding process in the large and medium-sized production lines. With the characteristics of impact resistance and large quantity delivered, it can be installed horizontally, or inclined to install. The heavy-duty slat feeder is designed and produced by our company, whose width is 1500mm-3500mm and quantity delivered is 1000-10000T/h, that widely used in mining, building material industry, etc.


Structure features:

1.The transmission system uses the variable frequency speed motor + reduction box or hydraulic motor two forms, the two forms all use the shrink disk and the single point floating supporting ,the structure reduce the installation error, and improve the service life of the drive system. 

2.The transmission system uses the bilateral drive which makes  the drive shaft  force uniformity and smooth operation,and changes the starting performance of conveyor and the conveyor feeding quantity can be adjusted according to the production requirements at the same time.

3.Heavy-duty slat feeder traction chain uses die forging chain (known as tank chain) from Caterpillar United States Diversified. Bearing carrier use riding wheel or support bearing plate track, meanwhile centralizing lubricating system to supply oil for slide, thus reducing friction resistance and prolonging service life.

4.The frame welded by H-shaped steel, light weight, good rigidity, covers an area of small, easy to adjust, installation and transportation.





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