Design and R&D

Design and R&D

The company has a research and development department, total 12 people

Tangshan Qijun Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has a total of 96 employees, including 44 professional and technical personnel, 12 vocational personnel, 39 people with bachelor degree or above. Among them, the technology department and research and development Department has more than 20 high-quality professional and technical personnel, they have undertaken many projects, such as: Junge open-pit coal mine, Shanghai Baosteel project (including phase I, Phase II, Phase III), Qinhuangdao port project, Qingdao Qianwan port ore terminal, Hebei Huanghua Port coal terminal. In addition, the company has a research and development department of 6 people, including 2 professor level senior engineers, 4 senior engineers, mainly responsible for the development of new products and the promotion and transformation of traditional products, further research and improvement of products, make it more reasonable, better meet the user's use requirements, and the product to a broader field for extension and development.


There are 2 professor-level senior engineers


4 senior engineers


Numbers speak of strength


There are 96 employees in total


There are 44 professional and technical personnel


There are 12 senior staff


There are 39 students with bachelor degree or above